Oncorp’s focus is on building executive and team
capacity, authenticity and impact.

I’ve been helping corporate leaders on four continents shape their internal and external relations for over 25 years. A highly respected communications expert, I’ve worked with individuals and teams in diverse sectors and at the most senior levels. Today Oncorp’s focus is on building executive and team capacity, authenticity and impact.

Executives experience significant shifts as they discover and begin to live and lead from their unique leadership purpose. As they learn to inspire, and their teams learn to engage in, higher quality leadership conversations. As they shift from reactive to creative leadership and, in the process, learn to optimize the tension between purpose and safety.

To increase one executive’s influence and impact, together we explored his leadership competencies and challenges as well as his reactive dimensions. We clarified his leadership purpose and beliefs and linked them to his organization’s vision and strategy. He learned to use powerful, purpose-driven language to inspire his team and boost his visibility and influence both within and outside of his organization.

Credentials and tools

I’m a certified and passionate practitioner of the Leadership System™, a complete and integrated leadership development system used by Fortune 500 organizations to evolve their individual and collective leadership into a powerful competitive advantage.

One of my executive coaching tools is The Leadership Circle Profile™ 360º assessment. This fully integrated universal model of leadership pinpoints clear pathways for fast-tracking your development as a leader. And as a practitioner of participatory leadership methodologies, including world café and open space, I support you in engaging your stakeholders in solution-focused conversations that lead to wiser decisions and actions.

My extensive coaching, business and communications expertise helps move you and your team to higher levels of leadership. Along the way, you gain new insights and develop better strategies as well as the commitment and energy to act on them.


Living in nine different cities including three European ones fuelled my passion for languages and diverse cultures. Working as the Canadian public relations director of a US-based fundraising consulting firm marked my first foray into corporate boardrooms in the late eighties. My time as an on-air Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) journalist foreshadowed how, one day, I would use powerful questions to accelerate leaders’ development and their ability to inspire and sustain high performance.

Compelled by an entrepreneurial mindset and love of the French language, I moved to Montreal and launched Oncorp some 25 years ago. Since then, I’ve collaborated with amazing leaders in major organizations to generate business-relevant and life-enhancing results.